Livestock production package

የዶሮ እርባታ

የስነ-እንስሳት ስም : Gallus gallus domesticus. ስም: ወንድ ዶሮ፣ አውራ ዶሮ ወይም ትንሽ አውራ ዶሮ ይባላል። ሴትዋ ደግሞ ዶሮ ትባላለች።


Poultry production has an important role to play in feeding the world and, to maximize the benefits, it should be accompanied by improvements to local health services


Dairy in Ethiopia is dominantly based on cattlemilk and to some extent from camels and goats, particularlyin the pastoral systems.

Forage and Pasture Crops preparation

Forage crops and pastures provide the bedrock to sustainable agriculture. Defined as the edible parts of plants, other than separated grain.

Beef production

Ethiopia has diversified cattle breeds welladapted to the different agro ecologies in the highlandmixed crop-livestock production system and the pastoral– agro-pastoral areas.

Apiculture Research

Ethiopia has a longstanding beekeeping practices that has been an integral part ofother agricultural activities, where more than one million households keep honeybees