Wheat rust data collection Apps

The app will use for the DAs, farmer scouts, survey teams, & race analysis labs. One of the major functional levels of the Proposed Surveillance and Early Warning System is Information and data generation level this level uses mobile application to :

          Report Rust Incidence

          Manage Rust Surveys

          Manage Race Analysis

Application provides dashboard interface where user selects: Report Rust Incidence , Manage Rust Survey, Manage Race Analysis Data.

Information/data generators (DAs, farmer scouts): Wheat areas of the country are divided into Survey Units (SU) in which DAs and trained farmer scouts report the first rust incidence to Central Unit (CU) by pressing the Report Rust Incidence button on the mobile application then the system automatically sends to the central server.

Followed by 1st Level Green Alert to the Survey Teams (ST) of the designated research centers in the SUs to carry out formal surveys by pressing the Manage Rust Survey button on the mobile application.

Race Analysis Lab Receives, preserve and distribute rust samples delivered by the ST for race analysis using the mobile application steps below.